BMR Calculator for women

Just like in men, the Basal Metabolic Rate varies greatly among women based on height and weight.

For an accurate BMR measurement, get right values for your height and weight.

BMR Calculator for women

Diet, growth, body temperature, muscle mass, and heredity can influence a woman's BMR.

However, women are unique in that pregnancy can also significantly impact BMR. Women who are pregnant (or breastfeeding) will have higher BMRs than women who are not.

Nourishing an infant as it grows (and, later, producing breast milk) requires extra energy from the body - if you've ever noticed a woman's appetite increase when she becomes pregnant, you've seen this effect in action.

BMR formula for women

Women often have less lean body mass than men, so they will generally have lower BMRs.

The BMR equation for females takes this into account, that’s why it multiplies height and weight by smaller values.

However, since women's metabolisms slow less drastically with age than men's, the value that age is multiplied by is also smaller.

English BMR Formula for women

  • BMR : (447.6 + (9.2 x (weight*/2.2)) + (3.1 x (height*/0.39)) - (4.3 x age in years))
  • * weight in pounds and height in inches.

Metric BMR Formula for women

  • BMR : (447.6 + (9.2 x weight*) + (3.1 x height*) - (4.3 x age in years))
  • * weight in kilos and height in cm.

Calculate your BMR

If you're trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight, it's a good idea to start by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) with the formula for women.

You can calculate your BMR now with our “Basal Metabolic Rate calculator for women” to know the number of calories burned while resting.