Dietitian and Nutritionist Salary Information

Are you unsure about how to ask for a salary from companies and organizations during the interview process? You’re not alone. Many professional dietitians find it difficult to negotiate a salary when they enter the job market after college. It is important to keep in mind that where you live and the years of experience you have to your name will determine how large of a salary you can demand.

However, how you go about asking for a salary is just as important as the amount you ask for. Before you go on your first interview, take a look at some effective, professional tips for voicing your demands when negotiating salary requirements with hiring managers and human resources professionals.

Stay Informed About Employment Trends

You can’t know how much compensation to ask for if you don’t know what other professionals in your area are already making. Before you ship your resume out to organizations, you should have a good sense of how much someone in your position should be making. A nutritionist salary in the United States ranges from $33,000 to $75,000. It is estimated that employment opportunities in the nutrition field will grow by about 21 percent in the next decade.

Decide Where You Want to Work

How much money you make relies upon what type of environment you choose to work in. There is quite a lot of stability in careers that are focused on working for schools, hospitals and retirement homes. If you want to go the corporate route, you can carve out a nice career providing input and guidance for food manufacturers and restaurant chains. In addition, many health spas and health centers employ dietitians. You must decide if you’re seeking a salaried position with full-time hours or a part-time job that pays hourly. The average hourly rate for a person employed as a dietitian is $27.07.

Know Your Worth

Use your years of experience and specialized degrees and certifications to make a case for your worth when constructing a salary negotiation letter. You can use the average dietitian salary in your area as your starting point when determining how much you should be paid. From there, you can tack on certain percentages for each distinguishing qualification you possess. If you are having a hard time finding data regarding salaries in the nutrition field in your area, you can use this tool to get a clear picture instantly.

Decide Your Approach

Once you know how much you will need to make to be able to live comfortably in your city, you have two options. The first option is to wait to discuss compensation amounts until an interviewer makes an offer. The second option is to send out a salary negotiation letter with every job application so you can avoid interviewing for positions that can’t meet your salary demands.